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With Father’s Day quickly approaching and countless amazing dads to celebrate, we’ve compiled the best things to do for Father’s Day in Denver and beyond. Yes, every activity on the list actually occurs on the big day itself! From cars to grills and everything in between - treat your big guy to day he’ll remember.

best things to do for father's day in denver

Scooter Tour of Denver

Downtown Denver

Looking for a new way to enjoy The Mile High City? How about scooting through the streets on a guided scooter Tour?

Foothills Explorer Tour From Denver

Departs from Union Station

Enjoy a 4 hour tour of some of metro Denver’s most scenic locations,

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why didn't the average home price increase this month?

A seasonal shift may be coming to the Denver real estate market! DMAR’s June numbers (based on May data) look as though Denver’s summer slow down hit a bit early for 2018. But, with the market so hot one might mistake it for the blazing summer sun... why the early cloud cover?

Rebekah Robinson, Live Urban Real Estate Realtor, discusses the June numbers.

The Typical Summer Trend

Since Denver’s great recession recovery, the housing market’s peak appeared each spring (May/June), then entered the summer slowdown through July and August. Denver’s yearly spring real estate boom seems to arrive as temps warm and buyers begin hopping in their cars for a sunny day of house hunting.

Come midsummer, many buyers head out of the state for vacation,

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 why summer is a great time to buy a house

Denver’s awash in green and sunshine and you can hardly open a window without inhaling the scent of a newly fired up barbecue grill… summer is on its way! Summer undoubtedly offers fun in the sun, but what about house hunting? If you’re planning to buy a home, you’re probably wondering if summer is a good time for your search.

It sure is! Summer has much more to offer than rooftop dining and pool parties. It’s also a great time to search for a home and here’s why:

Home prices typically drop in the summer

Spring really gets the real estate market cooking, but the summer months tend to simmer on low heat. With many buyers heading to vacation spots, home buying traffic subsides between May and October. This reduces purchase competition,

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Affordable Housing in Denver

Denver home prices have been pedaling up a steep slope since the great recession of 2008. Thanks to Denver’s strong economy and growing popularity for both tourism and relocation, the residential real estate scene is booming. But, some Colorado wages have failed to keep pace with ballooning home values and the number of newly built houses have fallen behind that of new Denver transplants - creating high competition for houses that do hit the market.

Colorado's impressively strong real estate market creates problems for some looking to buy a home. Denver’s affordable housing regulations make some headway in alleviating this problem for those who qualify, requiring multi-dwelling new builds to include affordable units. Affordable housing in Denver

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Denver spring and summer festivals

Denver, Colorado is one of the most beautiful and eventful cities in the United States. While many people associate it with the abundance of winter activities due to the snowy mountains that are nearby, summer and spring are glorious in the region.

Annually, you'll find calendars published for your enjoyment. These calendars advise you of the many shows, exhibits, and festivals in Denver. You can gather this year’s information here. 

Here are our top picks for festivals that you can enjoy in Denver in spring and summer 2018.

Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

Colorado spring and summer festivals

On July 14th and July 15th, head to Steamboat Springs for the annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. Enjoy the magnificent beauty of the balloons and watch them do tricks like dipping into the lake and

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why I haven't bought a house in denver

Denver’s pie in the sky; your last rent payment and a place to call home… for good.

As Live Urban Real Estate’s content writer, I soak up home purchase knowledge like a Denver lawn soaks up water in a Colorado drought. But, despite my real estate info absorption and my affinity for the Realtors and company I work with, I still haven’t bought a house.

My current abode is a 2 bedroom apartment in Stapleton and I pay A LOT of rent. Yes, I could easily pay the same amount monthly for a realistic mortgage - and I’d have a house! As a new mother, I can just picture my little one running through our sprinklers and chattering with her imagined tea party guests in our backyard. I want her to be a big sister, so at some point, we’ll have to up-size

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Last month signaled the start of Denver’s predictable spring busy season for real estate… and what a busy season it’s been! April saw decreased days on market and growing home prices. Spring through fall of 2018 is cueing up to be just as speedy as the past few years - buckle up for a brisk ride.

A change is coming to Denver Real Estate

With the market going strong, it may seem like it's status quo from here on out. However, one important factor promises to change Denver's strong seller's market. 

Learn more about Rina Avalos, Denver Realtor!

Denverites are staying put

Despite a healthy increase of inventory since last month, homes on the Denver market have decreased in quantity by almost 4% since this time last year. Given the lack of Denver homes for sale recently, this

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The Mile High City; the city of the moment - the city of cool. World class dining, unbeatable outdoor recreation, unique neighborhoods and breathtaking scenery await all who visit and reside in Denver, CO.  But, one of the coolest things to do in Denver (The Square on 21st) has vanished into thin air, only to be resurrected on a larger scale! The upcoming 5280 Loop will connect the hottest locations in Denver, and will be designed as a pedestrian’s oasis throughout the city.

The Coolest Things to do in Denver

Based on this past summer’s popular pop up park (The Square on 21st), the 5280 Loop will combine recreation areas and pedestrian throughways for use by all residents and visitors. The project will connect Downtown Denver, Coors Field, Union Station, The Auraria Campus, The

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Choosing a Discount Broker

We get it, real estate in Denver is expensive. With average home prices reaching new records monthly, discount brokerages are popping up faster than you can pound in the For Sale sign. These brokerages offer their services for a lower percentage than full-service brokerages or for an up front fee. They are capitalizing on a fast-moving market by offering less-than-full service for lower fees.

By all means, investigate every option when selecting your Denver real estate agent but don’t forget that you get what you pay for! Not only is buying a home utterly intimate, it is also likely one of the most important financial investments you’ll ever make. So, consider investing in high quality service as you buy and/or sell a home.

Full service agent- A

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how to avoid wire fraud


Your home purchase process slows to a close as the frantic business of buying your house comes to end. You can almost feel the keys in your hand - almost experience the excitement of stepping through the front door for the first time! By all means, enjoy this moment to the fullest but don’t allow wire fraud to creep its way in and steal your happiness. Learn how to avoid wire fraud and you'll be in the clear!

As explained by The Washington Post, wire fraud continues to be “the fastest-growing form of real estate cybercrime in the United States: thefts of home-purchase money wired to complete closing transactions.” Given the prevalence of this crime, safeguarding yourself against wire fraud is more important than ever.

Wire fraud occurs as a

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