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394_320Since the new year just started, and the snow finally begins to fall, I start reflecting on 2011 and beginning a new year. It's natural for all of us to look back, and try to use what we learn to help us move forward.  Of course, because of my profession, I tend to focus on the housing market.

All of us in the Real Estate business, and all of you who own a home or want to own one, have been through another year of uncertainty. Should I buy? Should I sell?  How much will my house be worth this time next year? What's best for my family?

We've had our fair share of ups and downs in the last year. We've dealt with changing rules about appraisals, and ever-shifting bank lending standards. Even more changes are headed our way. New banking rules are now being

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There sure is a lot of work going on around Union Station in Downtown Denver, what is the plan for it? If you have driven by the area recently, you certainly must have seen some gigantic piles of dirt, lots of cranes in action and construction vehicles buzzing around everywhere. Big changes are in store and when it is done, Downtown Denver will forever be changed for the better.

The historic Union Station building will remain and the city is looking for input from all of us as to what they would like to see in the future. It looks like it will eventually contain a boutique hotel, restaurants and shopping.

The area to the west of Union Station that has been rail yards for so long is what gets me excited. The Commuter Rail Train Hall will be just

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denver-uptown_323URBAN DENVER MARKET SALES STATISTICS - Denver's Uptown Neighborhood

Colfax Avenue to East 20th Avenue
and Broadway to York Street

Denver's Uptown neighborhood began in the 1880s as prominent families moved east, 'up the hill' from Downtown. Early in its formation, the westerly portion was named Brown's Bluff for Brown Palace developer Henry Brown. Today it thrives as a hip and vibrant neighborhood known for beautiful brownstone architecture, great restaurants and unique retail.

Uptown's diverse housing stock includes something for everyone-stately Victorians, Queen Anne's, lofts and high rise modern apartment complexes. The center of the neighborhood features 17th Avenue's "Restaurant Row" and its array of coffee shops and dining. The eastern anchor,

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I have been waiting for this day to come for awhile and it is finally here. I can confidently say that it is time to start thinking about Denver Real Estate in a different way. Gone are the days of getting a steal and buying a home for 20% under asking price. Now it is time to shift our focus to simply getting into the market and hoping to take advantage of potential appreciation gains that appear to be heading our way.

Since I started practicing Real Estate in 2004, it has always been the same theme when working with buyers. The goal was to literally steal a property. Get it significantly below the listing price and typically below market value. The reasoning behind this was simple, you could and it was smart. With prices staying flat, the only way to

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When I first toured the Four Seasons Private Residences in Downtown Denver, I was pretty blown away. Not only by the units, the finishes in the building and the general concept, but also by the prices which were double about everything else in Downtown Denver at the time. Fast forward three years and we see prices across the board in the building slashed 45%.

The Four Seasons Private Residences is definitely a unique building. The bottom half of the building is hotel and the top half is private residences. The private residences enjoy their own fitness center and amenities, concierge services and valet parking. It is one of the few full service buildings in Denver where you can simply pick up your phone to request anything you need. Of course this

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Is Denver a seller’s market now? It sounds like a ridiculous question since we have been in such a strong buyer’s market for so long. But as we creep into 2012, all the signs point to us being pretty darn close to a seller’s market.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my predictions for the Denver Real Estate market in 2012, click here. In it, I argued that with inventory at a ten year low and demand for homes building thanks to a crazy rental market and more and more people moving to Denver, that if we don’t see more sellers decide to sell quickly, we would definitely be in a seller’s market.

I figured that part of the reason for the low inventory was the time of year and that as people got out of the holiday mode we would start to see more and more

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rightlogo_231Co-Sponsored by Thunderstorm Computers, and Rock Mountain Driveline
Saturday, February 11, 2012
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
at Rocky Mountain Driveline
4210 Tennyson St., Denver, CO 80212
Includes Computers & Listed Household Electronics. Most electronics will be recycled free. The notable exceptions are tube type TVs/computer monitors, fax machines, and printers.
Free items include the following:
Computers and all computer components
,keyboards, mice
Network, USB, & power cables
CD/DVD players
Receivers / amplifiers
Home and mobile telephones
Flat panel monitors & TV’s
Safe Recycling Fee for:
CRTs & tube TVs
Up to 17” tube is $14
18” to 22” is $18
22” to 28” is $22
29” to 40” is $26
Won’t be taking anything larger than 40”
Printers $4 and Fax machines and printer/copier/fax…
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What condo buildings in Downtown Denver have huge balconies? I have been getting lots of requests from buyers lately for condos that have huge balconies in Downtown Denver. Why you may ask? Condos are great for lots of people. No yard work, low maintenance, few worries. But it’s nice to have some outdoor space to use, especially during the great summer nights we have here in Denver. And lots of people want a more useable space than the standard condo deck that allows enough room for a couple of chairs. While there aren’t a lot of large balconies in condos Downtown, there are a handful that are pretty remarkable and will blow you away.

Some of the most impressive large balconies in Downtown Denver can be found at the Spire. There are 7 units on the 9th

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Do you want to tackle a fix up home project, or do you live in a house that needs some fix up but you have no idea how to pay for the work? Then you are in luck if you live in Englewood or plan to buy there. The City of Englewood is now offering a pretty generous Home Improvement Loan Program.

This program offers an interest rate below 5% which is well below what you find if you were to get a home equity loan or line of credit. You can use it for a wide variety of improvements and part of the loan may be deferred until the home is sold. So if you live in Englewood and need to do some work to your home, what a great option.

If you are looking to buy a home, and in your price point you know the house will need work, this just might make

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You don’t see a lot of stucco around Denver, but if you pay attention for it, you will find it, especially on condo and office buildings. While stucco can be a great siding chose, there are certain types of stucco that you need to look out for.  If you are condo shopping and end up buying in a building with the wrong type of stucco, you could be looking at major work down the road for the building, something you probably don’t want any part of.

Lots of builders will use stucco because it is somewhat affordable, offers a nice, clean look and is fairly maintenance free.  However, it is very labor intensive to install and will show cracking after a number of years that requires patching. As an alternative, in the 80’s builders started using a synthetic

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