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Every Saturday and the last Friday of every month through October 2014, the Big Wonderful happens in the Curtis Park/5 Points/RiNo neighborhood.  It's basically a beer garden, food truck, cocktail bar destination with beach volleyball, yard games, a massive sandbox for kids, a dj or live music and a dog park.  Exactly what every good Denverite needs!  The Big Wonderful is located next to Sustainability Park, on a 3 acre block between Arapahoe & Lawrence and 26th & 27th.  Entry is free.  It's a great concept and a good time that everyone should check out while it lasts.  For more info, click on this post and check out their website here.
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Last year's Christmas Tree is this year's free mulch from the city.  They'll also have compost for sale.  Get your yard and garden ready for summer. Click here for more information.  Happy Gardening!


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For a while we were paying $140 per month to Comcast for phone, cable and Internet.  About two months ago, our bill adjusted up to $175 per month after the contract we were in expired.  When I called to see about reducing it I was able to talk them down to $155 per month if we agreed to another 2 year contract.  After taking stock of what we use and watch and what we don't need, my wife and I decided to shed some dead weight.  

For starters only telemarketers called our house phone so it was easy to give that up.  We both work a lot from home and require a reliable high speed connection.  Of the few Internet options in Denver, it appeared through my wife's research that Comcast has the best and most reliable

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Don't just throw your Christmas tree away in the trash, recycle it through Denver's Treecycle program instead.  Last year's Christmas tree can be this spring's mulch if you follow the City's simple directions linked here. (You may need to click the blog post first to activate the link)


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Elvis Presley always had a fascination with law enforcement and wanted to be a policeman as a kid.  He befriended the members of the Denver Police Department that he used as his security detail when in town.  Elvis was always buying his friends cars and bought a new Lincoln Mark IV for Police Captain Jerry Kennedy (see the story here).   Elvis even had a double breasted Denver police uniform made for himself.

                                                     Elvis with Police Captain Jerry Kennedy & DPD Officers  

After the shooting death of Police Officer Merle Nading in 1971(on Colfax & Gaylord), Presley stepped in to donate the funds to complete the police gym at 3555 Colorado Blvd that Nading had begun to work on.  The police department used the space as a gym and a cop shop until the mid 2000s

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  One of the main advantages to city living is being able to walk to amenities that in the suburbs you would have to drive to in a car.  For the past few years, Live Urban has been using Walkscore as selling point for homes in the city.  To me, a great urban home is at least a short bike ride to restaurants/bars/shops/parks.  Now that all the new Light Rail stations are going into urban neighborhoods throughout the city, Transit Oriented Development has  become an important topic.  According to RTD, Transit Oriented Development is "characterized as pedestrian-oriented environment that allows people to live, work, shop and play in places accessible by transit."  Basically, it's about putting in mixed-use commercial & residential buildings near the new

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The 16th Street Mall turned 30 this past Tuesday.  For many tourists and new Denver inhabitants, the mall is one of the first stops in the city.  About 16 million people will ride the free buses each year.  There are about 80 restaurants and 200 retail shops.  Because of it's central location, various businesses, and free amenities it always attracts a diverse crowd that's excellent for people watching.  This diversity is both a blessing and a curse as this New York Times article points out.  If you can see past the cheesy t-shirt and tchotchke shops, there always seems to be something interesting, artistic, and/or exciting going on.  One of my favorite free events in city is the Denver Day of Rock.  On May 25th next year, 5 stages will be set up

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  If your Christmas tree is anything like mine right about now, it's dried out and shedding pine needles all over the living room floor.  But what should I do with the tree?  Fortunately, Denver has created a program to recycle your Christmas tree into free mulch that's available to the public in May!  The Treecycle program "is a great way to return a renewable and natural resource back to the environment instead of disposing it in a landfill.  In landfills, organic material decomposes under anaerobic (without oxygen) conditions, producing methane gas, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide."

  Simply remove your decorations and stand and place the tree 4 feet away from your dumpster on either the 3rd or 9th of January if you have

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Saturday May 7th from 8AM to 3PM bring your pitchfork or shovel and borrow your neighbor's pick-up for Free Mulch and Inexpensive Compost at 5 sites throughout the city.

Where:  Main Free mulch & compost sale site:

Northeast: Havana Nursery, 10450 Smith Rd., just south of I-70 on Havana St.

  • Mulch and compost loader service for trucks and trailers, and dig-your-own.
  • Limit of 3 cubic yards of compost per vehicle.
  • Compost Prices: $3 per 10 gallon bag or $30.00 per cubic yard (plus tax).

“Dig-Your-Own” Free mulch sites:

Northeast: Fred Thomas Park, Quebec St. & 26th Ave.

Northwest:  Sloan’s Lake Park, Sheridan Blvd. & 17th Ave.

Southeast:  Veterans Park, Iowa St. & Vine St.

Southwest:  Bear Creek Park, South of Dartmouth Ave. on Raleigh St.


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I've recently begun a major renovation of my 1890s Victorian home in the Cole neighborhood in Metro Denver. Demolition actually began five days ago. The plan is to add a master suite, guest bed and bath, and a small office. To make the room needed we are adding three new dormers and had to completely remove the roof. The weather for this project has been spectacular and I'm happy to report that things are moving right along. The new roof should be "dried-in" by Monday.

I've also made an effort in recent years to become more "green" in both my work as a Realtor and in my everyday life. One of the amazing facts I've learned through my greening-up is that construction and demolition debris accounts for as much as 40% of material in landfills. A massive

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